"The Network of Time" / Alon Halperin

It's time to reveal the mysterious story of the concept of time

Time is so basic in our lives that we sometimes take it for granted. But stop for a moment and think: What is time? How can it be defined? If you delve into the definition of the concept of time, not only will you find that the answer to these questions is no trivial matter, but also that surprisingly, no single clear answer has ever been found and agreed upon by all.

Written in simple, clear language, the book takes the reader on a fascinating journey down the evolution of defining the concept of time, from antiquity and up to the 21st century. It describes how the revolutionary theories of relativity and quantum mechanics in 20th century physics opened up new directions of thought in this field.


Whether you know nothing about the subject or are a professor of physics, Alon Halperin will tell you exactly what you need to know: from philosophical questions about the perception of reality, time travel, determinism and free choice, to the mysteries rooted in quantum theory, up to the complexity theory, and the strikingly fresh insights it gives rise to regarding us and the entire world.


2,500 years ago two Greek philosophers defined two opposing worldviews of the concept of time: Heraclitus defined time as the most fundamental thing in the world and Permenides defined it as mere illusion.

Did you know that philosophy and physics of the 21st century continue to argue about whether "Time" is real or only illusory?

This book will take you to the surprising journey of understanding time and reality.

Alon Halperin is a lecturer in the field of history and philosophy of science

An excellent book, combining philosophy and physics in a great, interesting way, that explains big ideas in a manner that is simple to understand.
Reading this book has made me challenge the reality I know and think about it differently, and I believe that is what non-fiction books should do: provide knowledge that will nurture and shape our way of thinking and thus develop further.
A book recommended for those who love philosophy and science.

I started reading in the evening and soon it will already be 3:00 am. I’m forced to put it down because one must sleep. Alon Halperin's writing can totally hold its own compared to other bestsellers in the last decade, such as Yuval Noach Harari's books. It is just a matter of *time* before it gets translated for the whole world to enjoy, I have no doubt. Great job! What a wonderful book.

One of the most fluid and interesting books to read, in my opinion. Its general approach to relativity and its by-products is one of the clearest and most accessible. The whole chronology of the development of time exploration, if you can call it that, is just amazing—well done!

To me, the first part of The Network of Time felt like reading notes taken by the top student in the class. It is systematic, meticulous, at times it is clear and eloquently written, but there were parts where I personally felt lost. It did not feel like there was anything new here. I was already familiar with most of the examples or explanations from other sources. This part, however, is essential for understanding the problematic and unresolved definitions of time emerging from theories of physics in the 20th century and also as a basis for the second part of the book.

In the second part of the book, Halperin poses a major and challenging question: Is time an objective physical concept, or a fictitious concept of consciousness? Against the backdrop of new theories and ideas, which include the theory of chaos and complex systems, Halperin presents a possible direction for the definition of time, which claims that the universe itself operates as a network and as a complex system. Sounds complicated, but fascinating as far as the insights it provides about the concept of time and how time is related to the big question: What is the true reality we exist in or what is the universe?

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